We place only 1 banner per page!

  • Minimum cost of placement: 10 $
  • Size: up to 908×160
  • Cost per 1000 impressions – 3 1 $, which allows you to:
    1. set up the geo-targeting,
    2. limit impressions by the time of the day,
    3. limit impressions per user.
  • Statistics is shown after the request.
  • Administration can refuse you placing your banner without any explanations.
  • If your order exceeds 3 000 EUR there is another price list for placement.

How does placement happen?

  1. Client sends us banner and characteristics of the placement.
  2. We send the payment details.
  3. After the payment is made your banner is placed on the website.


  • E-mail: admin@savefromyoutube.net

Banner requirements

  1. Banner format: gif, jpeg, png, flash or html.
  2. Size of the banner should not exceed 45 kB.
  3. Banner design should have pleasant aesthetic look. We do not accept banners with big flashing text or graphical elements and/or background, sharp movement of the elements,which are distracting user from interacting with the webpage.
  4. It is prohibited to use iframe, scripts, which are changing the contents of the page or open some webpage address in the current window or in the new one.
  5. It is prohibited to use any sound effects in the banner.

We do not publish advertising from the following resources:

  • intended for the 18+ category
  • contradicting with the law
  • engaged in fraud or spending malicious software