How to add Video to Facebook

How to add Video to Facebook

in this article we will show you the easiest ways to add / upload videos to your Facebook Pages and Profile!

Add Video To Facebook

Facebook is a social networking site on the Internet, founded by Mark Zuckberg in 2004 when he was a student at Harvard University in the United States in order to communicate with his colleagues in the college, and then the matter developed to become available to everyone regardless of the goal of communication among them Is it educational Or social or familial?

Upload a video to Facebook

Facebook recently made a feature that enables users to upload their own videos by following these steps:
Log in to Facebook using your email, mobile phone number, and password.

  • Go to your personal page.
  • Place your cursor on the space for writing a post, look at the top and you will find the phrase Image/Video.
  • Click on the word video.
  • Download your clip from the location stored on your device.
  • Press the publish button, then Facebook will process the clip and notify you immediately via a notification on the notification list when the video is ready.
  • You can customize the video to display only to specific people, a specific category, or the public by controlling its privacy.
  • If you select the privacy of the clip to the public, the number of video views will appear at the bottom.
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Unable to add video

The user may follow the above steps exactly as they are, but he is unable to publish the video, or it requires an imaginary time, and in this case, attention should be paid to several things that can be summarized as follows:

  • The video must be formatted within the formats supported by the network, namely: MP4 or MOV, and here it must be noted that the format can be changed through the video program you are using.
  • The maximum allowed limit for uploading videos on Facebook is two hours, which is equivalent to only 120 minutes.
  • The maximum size of a video file that is allowed to be uploaded to Facebook is 4 GB.
  • Update your browser or app version.
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi connection is strong.

Advantages of Facebook

  • Availability of phone communication and communication by making a free voice call or free video call with another friend who is active on the Internet, using the Messenger application.
  • Interact with the post using the Like button, LOVE it, make me laugh Haha, make me angry, or make me sad.
  • Posting and responding to text posts.
  • Comment on your friends’ posts, photos, or vids.
  • Upload your own photos.
  • Add your video, which we will mention in detail in this article.
  • Block people you don’t want to see or communicate with.
  • Prevent annoying people from sending you messages.
  • Creating groups or groups for users who have a common characteristic, such as the Islamic Association, for example, or a group of such-and-such church youth, or university students, or owners of such-and-such a tower.
  • Creating special pages either for a commercial profit goal, or political promotion for the success of a particular campaign or a person in an election, or an entertainment page for publishing jokes and anecdotes, or a page concerned with horoscopes, or news.